The SpentBoon of Spatula

Exploratory Place Picker - Step 1

Let the Spentboon Place Picker help you go exploring!

You decide where to start, and how far afield you're willing to go.  We'll find you a new place to visit.

It works anywhere in the world!

Please read the Place Picker Philosophy and Fine Print page, if you haven't yet.

On this page, choose a base point and a range of exploration.

  • Click to choose a point or double-click to have the map center on your point.
    Your range of exploration will be the area visible when you click Next Page
  • You can move the map with the control buttons, or just drag it around.
    If you don't like the first point you choose,
    click it once or twice to make it disappear, then choose another.
  • When you're happy with your choice, click the button below.

Go get your destination.